Modern software.
Built to perform.

PaperMC improves Minecraft’s ecosystem with fast, secure software and an expanding plugin API, providing quick releases and helpful support as the most widely used, performant, and stable software available.

A diverse plugin ecosystem

Crafted by the PaperMC team & contributors, Hangar is our own dedicated plugin repository, now in open beta! A place for developers to host their creations, and server owners to enrich their player's gameplay. From Administration Tools, to Minigames, you'll find it all on Hangar.


PaperMC’s software powers hundreds of thousands of Minecraft servers on a daily basis, from small single-servers setups to massive Minecraft server networks. Designed with utility and performance in mind, it can handle whatever you throw at it.

The promise of stability

Our software is designed with security and stability in mind. We have consistently been among the first to fix vulnerabilities in the Minecraft space for years, so you can rest assured that PaperMC software is a good choice.