World_the_end - spawners continue to work when there is no player

Hi. Faced a server crash problem when a player enters World_the_end.
In World_the_end we built an iron farm, it used to work for Vilager and the zombies that were scaring Vilager. Now we have removed all the Villagers and put a golem spawner in each “box”. The spawner works so that only one golem spawns every minute (because there were a lot of golems during the standard spawner’s work).
Now we see that after a while, even if there is no one in World_the_end, this world starts loading a lot of golems. And when the player enters the World_the_end world, the server crashes. I was advised in Discord to apply the setting for paper.yml:
keep-spawn-loaded: false
but I’m not sure if it works, because the problem persists, or I wrote it wrong.
I ask for your help in solving the problem with the server crash, as it brings a lot of inconvenience.