World Guard not protecting essentialsX signs on Paper 1.16.3

Hello! I’m not sure if discussion on problems specific to plugins is allowed here but I’m gonna try!

I’m currently building a 1.16.3 prison server using Paper with EssentialsX, WorldGuard, and LuckPerms (among other irrelevant plugins) and I’m having trouble restricting Essentials sign usage.

I enabled buy and sell signs in the Essentials config and provided the default group access to use the respective signs via luck perms. They work as intended! Great!

Now I want to restrict sign usage within a worldguard region to only members. Since I needed to make many regions with the same perms, I created a global region called prison_block. On the global region, I set build and use flags to deny. I set the use flag to allow for members. Then, to test, I created a physical region called block_b. I set the parent of that region to prison_block. Then I added the lp group b to the region as a member. Then I set my parent group to b to test.

As a member of group b, I was able to use buttons and signs, but not break anything: just as intended. When I downgrade my group to a, the buttons stop working and a worldguard message prints: still as intended. However, as group a, I am still able to use the EssentialsX sign.

I should note that both the parent region prison_block and block_b have the same priority of 1. There are no flags set on block_b, as it should inherit all permissions. There are no conflicting regions except for global which has a priority of 0 so it shouldn’t matter. Also, I made sure that I was not a server operator.

What am I doing wrong here? I’ve read of other people having the opposite problem, where only operators can use the signs, but never too many people can use the signs. I also have the same problem with Advanced Region Market signs.

WorldGuard does not protect sign usage. This is because it’s very rarely what people actually want, and generally plugins where it makes sense to do that handle it themselves with the WorldGuard API. If a plugin wants a sign protected with WorldGuard, it should use the WorldGuard API to do so.