What kind of server are you using and how many players can you handle?

I am playing on a server using PaperMC on 1.15 (i am not the administrator).

Minecraft servers seems to be really laggy since 1.13 and some optimisations have been made on the server :

There are currently just a few player on the server and it seems that there are still some small lag from time to time. We haven’t open the sever publicly yet because we don’t know how many player we could handle and if it would be best to upgrade our server first.

I would be really grateful if you could tell me what kind of server you’re using (cpu, ram or whatever that is important) and how many players you can handle. Or if you know it, a number of player that you cannot handle.

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PS: I’m not really confident with my english so please forgive me if i made any mistake

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Me and my friends have survival server running since 1.13 on spigot.
We’ve tried to to move it from spigot to paper on some minor version of 1.14, but had some unfortunate issues with this (some plugins if I can recall correctly).
So it is still on spigot, latest version (1.15.2 atm).

We also have creative server on paper, but it is thoroughly optimized for creative purposes (no mobs, etc.).

Hardware was build specifically to host our main survival servers and any smaller ones: mentioned creative world, minigames world, occasional UHC or other events.

I’ve spend some time building hardware to find optimal performance-cost balance.
Ended up with Intel Core i5-9600KF due to its good single-thread performance.
Of course it is on auto-boost and F in name stand for no graphic core in processor, so it gives off a little bit more performance.

RAM is DDR4 with 2666hz, 2 sticks with 16GB and 2 with 8GB, giving total of 48GB

Also have external drive for weeklong backups

Survival server is focused on near-vanilla gameplay, so it is not on heavy side with plugins.
But it runs my plugin that redistributes mob spawn, so all players can have mobs at any online count. And I believe that it sometimes might produce total number of mobs greater, than vanilla mechanics.

Also we do not strongly restrict any redstone machines, until they become really dangerous to the tps.

With all of the above we were able to have at our peak 30+ players simultaneously with ~19 tps.
Not really popular server, but it delivers =)

Even so, minecraft can give you a lot of ways to bring server on its knees even with just couple players online =(

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