What is new with the Tuinity merge?

What features does paper acquire after the Tuinity merge?

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Paper acquires the features that tuinity had, nothing changed, exept that tuinity is paper now, its just better optimized

i get that paper merged with tuinity.
i didn’t know which features tuinity had that paper didn’t.

i assume everything listed on the tuinity github is something that paper didn’t have, but can’t confirm.

You can see a full list of things Tuinity has/had at https://github.com/Tuinity/Tuinity/tree/master/patches/server. Most notably, this includes a rewritten light engine (https://github.com/PaperMC/Starlight), https://github.com/PaperMC/DataConverter, and collision optimizations, as well as improvements to chunk loading and general performance and stability improvements.

In the patches folder, yes. Some features that originated from Tuinity have been merged into Paper in the past, even before the full merge, but those would not be present in the Tuinity patches folder anymore. They may have lingering mentions in the README or the wiki.