What are your experiences with PaperMC?

Hi there,

I am looking for a Spigot (1.12.2) alternative that is as stable as possible.
Our 8 year old world went through all updates. First Vanilla,
then under Bukkit and after the DMCA takedown under Spigot.
Since i don’t want to wait any longer for Spigot, I thought about migrating back to vanilla without plugins.
But that turned out to be more difficult than i thought
(If someone knows how, That would be good to know too).
Then I looked for an alternative to Spigot and came across PaperMC via Yive’s Mirror,
which looks very promising.

So, first and foremost, however, I would be interested in your settings
and what experiences with you had with PaperMC,
especially with the version 1.13.2.

I would be happy to get some input…



Paper is basically what Spigot was to Craftbukkit. There are so many optimisations within Paper that’ll improve the performance and stability of your server by so much. The server that I work for has a Towny server which I’ve optimised a bit and managed to get it to support nearly 200 players on 1.12.2 at 19 tps. 1.13.2 is a different story though, the whole update as a whole has completely killed server performance, but luckily Paper has been able to optimise a lot of things which Spigot obviously can’t handle yet or ever will without copying Paper.

Paper is 100% compatible with Bukkit/Spigot made plugins so you won’t need to worry about compatibility. Though some plugins might run better on Paper if they have options to enable Paper only specific features / optimisations.

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Im not sure if I am doing right by putting my experience down here, but I had to get this off of my chest…
I always preferred to use Spigot, because it felt that it was taken care of problems. Now I know that things can be harder and more difficult to fix, and this means for all sides.
I also found out that some graphical problems that occurs under Spigot are not being taken care of, as it seems that windowpanes change in half if left clicked on it or after an explosion (creeperheal) that gets restored to full, except fences, windowpanes, beds and doors… All affected by it. Never tried to report this, I thought that I could not be the only one, and I am not. In paper (other server) 1.12.2 i saw the same thing happening, still under 1.13.2 it was not solved, not on spigot and not on paper.

Now I tried today to move my server’s hub to Paper-26.jar and started the server…
The story follows:
"I read a lot of positive options for Paper, that it is 100% compatible with spigot plugins, so it seems, and that I have nothing to do to upgrade from Spigot to Paper… NOTHING!!
It did not say that the server does nothing afterwards??? So, only changed spigot.jar with paper.jar and the server eats up all processor utilization and does not progress… Changing it back to Spigot crashes the server even more… Taking a backup from last month, sorry to lose a bit, but this hub im trying to upgrade is rather small and very simple. That restored version works with Spigot but not with Paper…
How is this possible?
If I look at my server now, I only see a white-hot server and no progress…
I have no idea what to do except trust Spigot only… I’m hoping you guys can make me see another way…

Thanks a lot for replying to me on this matter…

I did a pre-forceupgrade on this world, so Spigot ordered it in case to go to 1.14…"

I’ll be open for any suggestions you can come up with, so give it to me…:grinning:

As of now, one hour after I activated the hub with paper-26.jar, it seems the processor is calmed down, but there is no access possible to my hub’s world…
It is stuck!

In order to get support you need to provide far more information. What version, what plugins, the entirety of your server logs. As it is there is not enough information here to even begin to assist you with any problem you’re having.

Most of the community is centered around discord (https://discord.gg/papermc), for faster support go there.