Web Integration with DB Connection?

This a general type question, because i’m not sure if this is the best possible solution or even if its something people even normally do.

So i have a plugin that i have developed and i’m wanting it to hit a database because its going to pull the information that a hosted website is submitting to a database. Now obviously it needs the general information: host, port, database, username, password.

so here is my question: Do plugin developers normally use their own plugin databases, or is there some other method i’m not understanding as to hosting this information? basically, if someone downloads my plugin in, fresh out of the box, it should be pulling data from the plugins database correct?

We are aiming for a web interface for a particularly MC feature, of which information from the website is stored on the database, and when a command is run, that information is retrieved, and then used.

I’m starting to think that i may be going about this the wrong way, so any advice or tips or just general “hey your doing this wrong” is totally OK with me. I’m used to plugin development, but web integration is a bit less familiar of territory to me.

PS. i’m not asking for “how do i access a database via plugin.” i know how that is done.

Generally, users of the plugin will have their own database which the plugin commands to, and they setup the web panel on their own servers and connect it to their own database, so that everything is linked together and not reliant on 3rd party servers

There are usecases where you might wanna have a central DB that all users of the plugin use and rely on, this is somewhat rare however, and would not be done with the database directly but by exposing a web-api so that you’re not leaving the database open to everybody

I ended up doing a bunch of research on this and finally coming to the same conclusion. Someone lead me to the point of migration because then my next question was, well how do I make their database have what they need for the plugin to pull data correctly, same tables, column, etc. across anyone who downloads and uses the plugin.

What would you all recommend for things like that? They lead me to laravel for this but I know almost nothing about db migration and about laravel itself. I just wonder if this is also the right track.

Never used laravel, but basically, you’d just make the plugin or the web stuff create the needed tables and stuff in the database