Villagers lock their trades as soon as they accept a profession

As soon as villagers accept any profession they just lock in whatever the trades they have…
In my villager breeder all villagers are farmers… Normally they become unemployed when they can’t pathfind to a workbench…

But for some reason now they aren’t…

When I open the GUI the villager experience bar is filled a little bit… which mean their trades are locked…

The second they accept whatever profession this thing happen…

Is this some kind of a bug?

Actually I can’t recreate this on my local server…
Maybe due to a plugin

try on latest, multiple villager fixes in recent builds.

thanks… but it is due to a plugin

what plugin was /
is causing this ?

Do you have any idea what plugin? I am having the same exact problem on my server. Would be a lot of help if you know the exact plugin.

Bumping this because i also have this same issue.

so i am having the same issue and i cant figure out why this is happening either. hope some one has a answer for this!

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Would you mind sharing the plug-in that caused the issue? From the looks of it, many servers have this problem and it would be seriously appreciated if you were to share it.

I’m very sorry, I don’t play at that server anymore.

As I remember, when I asked the server Admin he said that it’s due to a plugin that they use, to reduce lag or whatever. But I have no idea what that plugin exactly is

If you want, here’s the link to their Discord server. Maybe you can contact an Admin from there.

thanks you for responding, this post is the only thing i could find on this issue so this is atleast a start thanks alot!

so for everyone that wants to know this its the plugin “illigal stack”
set BlockVillagerTradeCheesing to false to resolve this issue.

hope this helps everyone!