Very Low TPS (Paper 1.16.4)

Paper Version: git-Paper-416 MC: 1.16.4


My server’s TPS is extremely low, even with 20-30 players online, I’ve tried to follow Paper’s optimization guide, reduce the view-distance (even though it doesn’t look like it worked), nothing solved the absurd lag, which it could be?

Which optimization guide you’ve followed? You are not using Aikar’s flags, you are still using 1.16.4 even when there is 1.16.5 and it supports 1.16.4 clients, too, and you are using Java 8, which will Paper refuse to start when MC 1.17 comes. Not just that, even your Java 8 version is old.

I’m listing the stuff you should’ve done step-by-step:

  1. Upgrade to the latest Paper build with latest Minecraft revision. (Paper 1.16.5 build 469 as of writing this)

  2. Upgrade to the latest Java 11 revision (11.0.10, currently) or if you must stuck with Java 8, at least upgrade that into the latest patch release (1.8.0_282)

  3. Use the latest Aikar’s flags, exactly as-is, and do not change anything without great reasoning (for latest flags, see https://mcflags.emc.gc/)

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I followed this guide

I updated to the most recent version of the paper (1.16.5), there was an improvement in TPS, however Lag Spikes still continue

My current Hosting does not allow changes to the Flags, unfortunately…

I’ll try to ask the Hosting to update Java running there, thanks for the answer!

Java flags are important as Minecraft has a high-allocation rate, we need to set the new size higher. Java’s default isn’t sufficient.

If you have long spikes/freezes, there should be also a error-looking thing in console when spike/freeze happens, starting with “DO NOT REPORT THIS TO PAPER”, that gives the reason of the spike/freeze.

Also check out Spark, which analyzes all methods instead of pre defined things like Timings, that will give more info on what it is causing.