Very bad server despite optimization performance

I have a big problem with my server :confused: Despite optimization, my server runs very bad with a few players. I’ve made almost everything from “[GUIDE] Server Optimization​:zap:” (I can’t paste 3rd link), but it is sitll lagging.

I’ve pre-gen map (20kx20k), optimized paper config, spigot config and I run my server on 8GB RAM, 2vCPU Intel Xeon, 80GB SSD VPS. 6GB RAM is allocated for my minecraft server, rest is for my website with itemshop, mysql database and server itself.

Error log:

Any fix?

Seems like UltimateStacker is causing a lot of lag try removing it.

Also when looking at your yml settings there is still a lot that can be improved.

Hope you see this 23 days later :joy:

I think 6GB ram for a minecraft server with few players is a bit too much, maybe turn it down a little, say 1-3 GB so the server can run properly because too much ram for the server is also not good.