Updating Pebblehost Minecraft Server to 1.17

Hi! I have very little experience with running a server, so please be patient with me if possible.
Our server currently runs on paper, but since we have no plugins anyway, we attempted to change it to vanilla 1.17. This completely erased all progress in a very old world.
When changed back to paper 1.16.5, I can upload our backup files and get our progress back. However, after changing again to vanilla 1.17, and deleting all the server files and then reuploading them, the same thing happens- all progress is gone. I don’t know if I’m making a mistake somewhere in the process, or what. But I would so greatly appreciate any help I could get. Thank you!

Lo there,
Vanilla engine is a bit different from paper engine.
The way the maps are handles is different, for example.

This way Vanilla doesn’t understand the file structure you have from paper 1.16.5 and gets all messed up.

Recommend waiting for paper support for 1.17, should be around in 2 or 3 weeks.


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I appreciate your answer, but my players really don’t want to wait that long. Honestly, neither do I. So if it’s possible to make it happen, I would do whatever it took to do that.
But thanks for the advice.

Back up everything before you do this, but these steps should work to convert your Paper world back to vanilla:

  1. Create a folder world_converted.
  2. Copy the contents of world to world_converted
  3. Copy world_the_end to a new folder at world_converted/DIM1
  4. Copy world_nether to a new folder at world_converted/DIM-1 (note the hyphen)

Now, put the folder world_converted back on your vanilla server under the name world.


Would you be willing to possibly email or dm me for more detail on this? I’m desperate to get this done but I won’t lie I don’t have as much understanding of it as I really should.

If you want less forum-y support, you can join the Paper Discord server at https://discord.gg/papermc (I’m online there right now)


I would politely ask your players to have patience. I have this issue when a new version of Minecraft gets released. I certainly wouldn’t update straight away anyway. I usually leave it about a month or so for Paper/Spigot to become stable, not to mention plugin updates to catch up. Even then I always try any new releases on a test server first. I want to make absolutely sure I am going to have zero issues when my server becomes live. Plus one more thing to mention, I always do a FULL backup of ALL my server files prior to updating my server. You never know, it could corrupt something really bad therefore you would have to reset your world and all the progress your players have done. I’ve been running my Minecraft server for almost 10 years. I have learnt the hard way too. Therefore, the above is my advice to you. If you wish to check out my server, here is a link… (no Ads in here, - Aurora)

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Okay, sorry for posting my server link. :slight_smile:

I have one more suggestion. Google a plugin called ViaVersion. This will allow 1.17 players to join your 1.16.5 or below server. It’s not ideal, more of a temporary solution. Some players automatically update their Minecraft client to the latest version by default therefore are unable to join your server. I have put it in mine too. Seems to work rather well.

ahh I have a simalar issue, should have done some researching on my part before messing around… :stuck_out_tongue: im sure will all be keep a close eye out for 1.17 ty.