Unknown server crash

For the past days, my server has been crashing randomly and for seemingly no reason that i can identify. It has crashes for about 5-6 times roughly a day in between crashes. I am running a 1.16.4 paper server build 352 and is portforwarded using ngrok. The plugins I am using are AngelChest, ClearLag, Essentials, EssentialsChat, GoldenEnchants, GriefPrevention, LuckPerms, NexEngine, OpeNLogin, ServerRestorer, SkinsRestorer, sleep-most, VarLight, Vault, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.

In the following pastebin is the latest crash log. I do not have access to the other crash logs because I accidentally deleted them but they look pretty much exactly the same.

Thank you!

Delete OpeNLogin, ServerRestorer, SkinsRestorer. No need to use this plugins when running in online mode. If you’re running offline mode we cannot help you because we only support premium servers.

Ah well that’s a bummer. I have to keep those on because I’m running on offline mode. Thanks anyways.