Unban request on Paper network

Hello, I would like to ask if there is a possibility to get unbanned from Discord and Forums.
I understand I am supporting my ban by creating secondary account but I am unable to contact Paper team another way.

I was banned for “ban invasion/flooding” and I would like to apologize. I was angry, because I got banned on Discord for something I don’t remember excatly but moderator who gave me the ban was very uncompromising and uncommunicative. I got a ban without warning and then on the other account too, as I tried to have normal communication.

As server owner I would like to discuss and help resolve problems with PaperMC. I have no interest in doing anything what should be agains rules.

Thanks for understanding.

Discord: baterka.xyz#9408

PS: I found that many people asking here to get unbanned because they got banned without any reason or without proper explanation why they got banned:

And many others: https://papermc.io/forums/search?q=banned

Please read our Community Guidelines for more information about bans and ban appeals. https://papermc.io/community-guidelines