Unable to view dynmap with Public IP

I installed the dynmap plugin on a server that I host from my local machine and set up the configuration from forums I’ve found online. Although I can see the live map from localhost:8123 and my IPv4:8123 and other devices on my network using the same address, I wish that players using PublicIPv4:8123 can view the map as well. I port forwarded a TCP port (Port: 8123) and found that although I can still view the map from devices on my network using localhost:8123 or IPv4:8123, I still am unable to view the map from PublicIP:8123. I’ve also set my dynmap webserver bind-address to and made sure that the webserver-port is set to 8123, same as the one I port forwarded. If anyone could help that would be amazing.

if you’ve port forwarded it should work assuming it’s not being blocked by firewall, etc
Also, make sure that you actually get a player to test, not all routers support reverse NAT properly or consistently for that matter, meaning that public IP address connections might not work for you given that you’re on the network, but would work externally just fine

Thanks, I’ll make sure to ask someone to try and check out the dynmap. And I’ll make sure that firewall isn’t interfering. Thanks for your help :D.

I’ve added an incoming rule in Windows Firewall for the port that I set in my dynmap configuration and used a different network to try and load the dynmap from PublicIP:8123 but I still got “Took too long to respond” using Google Chrome.