Unable to validate Javadoc location for maven project with paper api


I am just starting my first plugin with paper. I got my pom.xml fully setup and working, but when I try to attach the javadoc path to the paper-api jar ( https://papermc.io/javadocs/ ) it is unable to validate. I even tried directing it to the docs for the specific version I am using ( 1.16.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT ), and still no dice.

Am I missing something, as my searches are coming up empty, or direct me to the bukkit javadocs, and not the papermc javadocs.

The javadocs are present in the default repo too, no need to redirect anywhere.

Ah gotcha, so I can just have it reference the bukkit docs and all is good then.

Just reference the paper-api, that’ll include the paper-api docs iirc, ehm somewhat*