Trash tps after 12 players

why is my server tps going down whenever i get around 10-15 players?

here is my timings

I think you may have too many players joining. Based on that you have almost 60 plugins, and most of those are ram-intensive plugins, I’d just increase your ram. I’ve seen most of your plugins, and most of them can be recreated, so if you’re able to, I’d just ask someone on Fiverr to recreate like 5 or 6 low ram ones, and turn them into 1 for like $5 USD.

I personally think it is purely the plugins,
the code each of them is running in the bckground to handle each event/instance that they were intended to, many of them probably are using loops and handle the same event. meaning for each time, say a player breaks a block; there could be up to several plugins all struggling to be the first one to catch the event and override it. with plugins, less = more (this does not include cores, or packs).

ive had just around 75 online at once with very few issues, minimal settings changed and ONLY worldguard/worldedit + a perm system. People commented on how well it ran. Hmm…

don’t waste money on more ram, unless its like 500mb or something then its not a waste,
get rid of some of those plugins, especially the more useless and outdated ones and you will see a performance boost, but I know most server owners would rather not remove any plugins however pointless they are (ahem clearlagg)

huge network… reinventing the wheel with Skript… 75 cents per gb server plug…

what am i reading? is this spam?

what is view distance set on? i would recommend set around 7-9 area

and maybe read this guide on server optimization⚡.283181/