TPS Spike on player login in certain world


Whenever a player logs in into my world “Spawn” - which was generated in 1.10 or 1.11 a couple years ago - there is a noticeable TPS spike, causing players/server stuff to freeze for a split second. The chunks that the player is logging into are already loaded, as I was standing next to their login location. I’ve also updated the world with --force-upgrade. This It can be seen in the timings (“syncChunkLoad”) here (towards the end)

Latest timings:


I’m still noticing large TPS drops on player logins - Here’s another timings, although this one shows much less in the connection area.

It seems to be not only on one world, but anytime a player logs into the server.


Still having this problem. There’s a lot of players on and that’s causing lower TPS dip - I’m working on sorting that out - but there is still that noticable .5-2.0 second server lag spike when a player joins.
Updated timings: