TPS Issues with 3 players online!

Hey all, We are running 1.16.3 on a PaperMC jar. Using Akair’s flags, server has dual Xeon’s running at 3.1ghz, 8 cores allocated to this Linux VM, VM exists on an SSD within the server, cache for VMWare is also on this SSD. I am allocating 10gb of memory directly to the minecraft instance with flags on startup, daily reboots, 10 chunk view distance, 20 no-tick view distance. Vanilla spawning behavior, and minimal paper.yml edits (other than minimizing entity collisions). The VM is dedicated to the minecraft server, nothing else running on it.

All of this, and with 3 players on, we start getting some lag down to 15 ish TPS! I feel like with all this power, speed and performance on the host server, we should be able to have more than 3 players without lag. I will attach a timings report link here, and any insight would be GREAT.

I see timings reports for bigger servers, with 30+ people on, less memory, WAY more entities, and they don’t have anywhere near the amount of Lag we are seeing.

If anyone has any insight in to what might be going on here, I am all ears. This has been plaguing me for awhile!

I’m happy to reply with any additional info, but this has me stumped.

(I am also a professional Sys Admin for a large enterprise with 15+ years of server admin experience)…

Clearlagg helps with some tps issues. It might not completely fix your issue but it might help.

I have used ClearLagg in the past, and it does not seem to be an issue with random entities, it didnt seem to help any.

Thanks for the reply however!

For anyone still wondering about things like this, The CPU Seems to be the culprit on this instance. The CPU’s are dual Xenon X5560’s and the single thread performance is just bad., Combine that with this linux server running on a VM, with 3 other active VM’s, and it’s just not able to keep the TPS up. Same world on the E3 series CPU’s and it has no problem at all. The cheap ebay servers with the old gen X series aren’t good candidates for Minecraft Servers!