TPS Issues, help please! 1.17.1

Hello, here is my timings report

I don’t understand what is causing the issue, I think it’s multiverse portals?


TPS are like 11 or so…

edit: SOLVED, the thing was that there was a bug in 1.17 that caused a lot of chickens/zombies to NO despawn, killing them fixed it.

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You have many monsters spawned, I recommend lowering the amount from 70 (spawn-limits / bukkit.yml) to a lower number, try 30

  monsters: 30

And the portal plugin, I recommend you use another, which can be simple portals.

just did, I had 719 chikens spawned and like 370 zombies spawned… and I had a lot of zombies with a egg in the hand… this server started in 1.17 spigot, maybe it was solved, but the entities remained there? I killed all XD

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use a lagg resolverdor de problema…

clearlagg is stated to be worse than paper itself, I don’t think it will go better with it xd

That was probably the issue; most of your lag comes from zombies and chickens, and there was a bug a while back that would cause a buildup of chicken jockeys in caves, which would lay eggs that zombies would pick up. Then, since the zombies had picked up an item, they wouldn’t despawn. After killing them, I would imaging your issue has been resolved?

yes! it was what… after killing them the TPS are consistent 20 with no drops


hello! how do you have your paper config? to not use de clearlagg