Totally random and weird PacketPlayInFlying LAG

Hey paper team,

I totally love paper and I would never ever use spigot again but yesterday I had such a questionable lag on my server and it’s only causing due to one player and thats me LOL. If I join the server it laggs whenever I leave it normalize. I cant figure it out what the reason is.
I’ve tried to remove all plugins but it’s still happening

Heres the timing:

So how can I fix it?

use a packet limiter, somebody was spamming a metric ton of movement packets
Also, update, 1.14 is no longer supported with many large performance improvements from paper in 1.15,

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what do you exactly mean with “packet limiter” since I updated to 1.15.2 and unfortunately I have still the same issue.

thx for any advice in advance

ok stupid question, Im gonna try a packet manager and let you know the results

this happened again

timings report? info?