TNT Duper’s not working

When I updated to 1.16 tnt duper’s have stopped working, is this on purpose, I mean if I can’t blow up stuff what am I supposed to do in minecraft? Will this be fixed?

This is a default setting in 1.16 Paper.

Adding allow-tnt-duplication: true to the unsupport-settings block in paper yml would solve the problem.

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Will this be fixed?

Paper fixed tnt duping. So asking if paper will break something, is an odd question.
Just remember that setting is unsupported.

TNT duping is not a bug mojang added it back in 1.13. Therefore papers default setting should be active with a way to deactivate.

Its absolutely an exploit. And paper’s stance is that exploits/bugs should be fixed.


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Mojang has it in on purpose, therefore it is a feature. I agree it was a bug but no longer

This is considered an exploit, end of discussion it does not matter that Mojang decided to add it back after a bunch of morons decided to pester them about it.

Paper has decided to consider it an exploit and that is final.

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It is not an exploit if the creator of the game intentionally added it to the game it is a feature, that is used in many farms.

Paper has decide to consider it an exploit and that is final.

Luckily for you the paper guys were nice enough to allow you to toggle it off.

Read more here.

Fair point however my point is that they should offer a way to deactivate all of them sand tnt carpet rail, not change, minecraft paper is supposed to improve the preformance of the server not interpret how the devs want their game played.

Actually Paper is NOT just supposed to improve the performance of the server. The Paper project description says it fixes gameplay and mechanic inconsistencies. Aikar literally also says if you just want performance improvements, use Fabric and Lithium/Phosphor

Ok but can we agree that mojang knows that tnt duping in the game, and that they also know that chickens drop raw chicken. With your logic I could declare chickens exploiting due to the fact that there in the game and they lag the server?

If you do not agree with paper decision. you can always fork it and remove those patches. but remember you prob will not be getting any support if game-breaking bug happens when you remove those patches.
Sane duper TNT duper you can easily lag the server with those methods and other dupes.
Dupe in general is pretty bad tbh.
//Paper is opensource so fork it and remove it ez as that.

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That is outside the scope of this forum topic. That isn’t paper-related.

How so? We’re still talking about paper, tho I do thank u for your answers and I now know why it is not working.

This has nothing to do with paper, its just talking about what is considered an exploit or not. We already established that paper is not designed to only improve performance.

I also think duping is an exploit, but tell me is it possible to make this kind of machine legit?? All the TNT cannons I have seen throw the tnt downwards or in an arc. Is there a way to push it just forward like this machine does?

@MachineMaker I think people often argue so much cus you explain yourself in such a condescending way.

What? He hasn’t said anything wrong.