Tnt Duper - 1.16.1

Hi PaperMC developers!.
I would like to know is if there is a configuration in paper.yml that limits the blocks that a tnt can exploit. Or have they changed that in the 1.16 update? Because I made my rock farm and with the tnt duper it breaks only a 2x2 of the size of a sphere and exploits the whole farm. I would like to know if it is a paper or minecraft problem

I hope you can help me, I await your prompt response. Thank you

I’m not a papermc developer (ofc lol), but I’m pretty sure paper can’t do much that can help (well, besides changing the entire server jar to try and patch TNT duping). Pretty sure it’s a Minecraft problem… TNT dupers will probably never be patched without use of a plugin, since people always come up with something new.

It’s okay. The same thanks anyway

TnT duping is disabled by default.
See for more information.

Yes, I already activated it. What I want to know is because the radius of explosion of the tnt is decreased, it explodes in a small radius compared to the normal worlds, if there is a configuration to change that, I would be grateful if they passed it to me :slight_smile:

This has no effect on tnt explosion issues as far as I know.