TicketManager - Advanced Ticket Creation and Management Tool

TicketManager is a fully-featured ticket creation and management plugin that allows for players to report issues. With an intuitive interface, high customizability, and powerful search tools, both players and staff alike can benefit from this plugin!

TicketManager requires the use of

  • A server running Java 11+ and MC 1.16+
  • A MySQL database
  • Vault Plugin (Sorry, I would post a link but I can only use 2)


  • Extensive permissions, allowing for high customizability
  • A few pre-set permission node groups for people who just want to get their tickets up and going
  • Easy-to-use commands
  • Intuitive and rich staff commands
  • Silent command support
  • Ticket notifications
  • Powerful search command
  • Pages implemented only when needed
  • Ability to assign tickets to anything
  • Ticket locations and teleports supported on multiple worlds

Other Information:
GitHub: Contains a wiki with information on commands, permission, and installation instructions. Also contains code and releases.
Spigot Page: Contains mostly what was already said here plus a download button.