Strange rule behavior?

I’m not sure why this occurs.
When I created my first Paper Server and started playing,
the automatic rule was to let me keep my inventory after
re-spawning. I have tried to edit the server rules but that
doesn’t help. Tried to type the ‘keepinventory’ command
in-game but that doesn’t help either. It set on: false, but
acts like it’s set to true.

Plugins used:

  • Bssentials3
  • ChestSort
  • Dynmap-30-beta-4
  • EssentialsX
  • EssentialsXSpawn
  • EWG-v8
  • Multiverse-Core-4.0.0
  • Multiverse-Portals-4.0.0
  • PermissionsEx-1.23.4
  • Titles-1.0
  • Vault
  • WorldSpawnes v2.5

Haven’t messed around with servers for many years and
got burnt out in between so most of my knowledge just

Bit of a MC n00b.

Thanks for reading and or replying!

essentials.keepinv permission

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Thank you for your response!
Unfortunately I lost more knowledge than that.

How would I apply this practically?
Also, I haven’t found support for that permission anywhere…even though the download page for EssentialsX says that it has been implemented. I’m looking through the EssentialsX config file and
there’s nothing about that either.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Permissions are handled with a permission plugin such as LuckPerms,

So with your help I did this routine for just playing with 2 people in total on a private server.

Set myself as Admin in the server panel (you know the .bat file you start your server with?)
Routine for just playing on my own server with my friend, it’s not ideal for anything else:
(lp: luckperms)

lp create group admin
lp user fami parent add admin
lp group admin permission set essentials.keepinv false​