Spigot.yml / netty-threads What is it and how to customize it?

What is it and how to customize it?

Hello, netty threads can be changed in the spigot.yml.
But it’s recommended to keep it at default(4). Decreasing that value will lead to server starvation of CPU. And increasing it might cause some high load CPU usage.

To my understanding it is how many threads the server uses to run async tasks like async chat etc. Or simply just doing stuff like, loading the world.

Well, if I have 8 cores with 8 threads then I can make a value of 8, I understand that?

For the majority of servers the default value is more than perfectly fine, no need throwing extra resources at stuff which doesn’t need it

You can, but you shouldn’t, it may cause some weird high CPU usage… That will hurt you more in the long run. You can test it, if it works fine. Then go for it :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I was far off with my answer but. I agree.