Simple land claim BLOCK


I’ve been looking for a long time now for a plugin that adds a land claim BLOCK into the game.
I don’t know why so many/most plugins are command-oriented, but in my opinion Minecraft should be block placing game, not command typing one.

Therefore my request is a bit simple, but probably a bit hard one as well.

A plugin that adds land claim BLOCK into the game.

What does that block do?
When a player places it somewhere, pre-configured area becomes accessible only to that player who placed it.

Configurable: x, y, z area, for example 9x9x9 (block is in the middle) or unlimited height/depth.
Or sphere radius.

Additional: can add/remove access to the area to some other player, with specific permissions (building, opening chests separated).
Additional: can craft the block.
Additional: can combine block to craft larger blocks, for example if one block is 9x9x9, then 4 blocks crafted together are 35x35x35 (odd number, because block is in the middle). And again, 4 “level2” blocks can be crafted together to get 139x139x139 area.

But most of all - keep it simple!
One block - one area.
Two blocks - two areas.

What do you think? Would it be too hard to create that one?


PS: If there is already some similar plugin out there (might be outdated or not), then please let me know. I could “take a look” at that plugin and maybe develop something.
PPS: I am aware of tens of land claim area plugins that you can use shovel or stick to target area. This does NOT interest me unless it could be used for land claim block plugin/feature to build on.
Once again - Minecraft is BLOCK oriented game, not command line typing one.