Should I use papermc on my server?


Ideally I would like to just switch out the jar with craft bukkit and be good to go, is this possible?

Plugins are:
Multiverse (Core, sign portals, and inventories)

Currently using CraftBukkit for 1.14.4

The reason I want to switch (will papermc even help me?)

Server specs
Ram 6GB
CPU AMD Ryzen 3900X

At most there are 4 players on the server. Most of the time 1-2. Render distance is set to 16 chunks. With one player it’s fine, no problems. But with 2 or more cpu usage spikes to full which doesn’t cause too many problems except one annoying one, chunks load too slowly to fly with the Elytra. Which is super annoying. You can literally see the difference, as soon as the second person leaves all the terrain in front of you generates in seconds but when there are multiple people it’s super slow and most of the time your just flying into the void. When flying nearby the other player though chunks load fine. I looked it up and they mentioned maybe needing more ram? But I don’t think this is necessary.

Don’t have anything too crazy on the server. Just normal survival with nothing crazy just a zero tick sugarcane farm.

I tried installing clearlagg, but it didn’t seem to do much. Thanks!

Yes, switching to Paper will bring you tremendous benefits. However, you also need to lower your view distance and consider pre-generating your world. These are the only ways to get acceptable 1.14.4 performance.

Hi, so I switched to papermc and everything was going fine. But yesterday I got a whole bunch of lag for seemingly no reason which eventually went away and today the server has crashed twice with no one on it. Here are my logs

You could try to check with timings (comes with papermc) what is causing the lagg. Use “/timings report” to get the latest report.