Shipwreck Loot Not Yet Generated, unable to open

Running “Paper 1.13.2 #637” Windows 10 64-Bit

Plugins: AutoSaveWorld, ChopTree, CorpseREborn, Dynmap, EssestialsX (+antibuild, Chat, geoip, protect, spawn), holographic displays, mcMMO, Minepacks, Multiverse (Core, Inventories, nether portal, portals, SignPortals), Openinv, PlaceholderAPI, PluginLib, ProtoclLib (Support, SupportPotions) Vault, VienMiner, WorldBorder, Worldedit-bukkit

paper.yml: Pastebin Papyer.yml

I came here to the paper forums because just this morning I switched from spigot to paper and all seemed fine. So basically what happened is that another player went onto the server found a shipwreck and tried to open the chests. The player was given this error (I got the same message as well) “Loot not yet generated, unable to open chest”. I made a singleplayer version of the world (seed="-2025385049830878549") (location:X=42, Y= 71, Z=-391). Shipwreck Loot generated fine. I personally have never opened a shipwreck before switching to paper from spigot so I don’t know if it’s related. However, I believe this has to do with the Lootable regenerate option in the paper.yml file.

I fixed it without help. However, I will still post this. I did multiple things before checking. The computer restarted (nothing I could do to stop this), updated Java from Java8,201 to Java8,211, changed the Loot table option: “auto-replenish” from true to false. As soon as the server started my player opened the chest and got his loot.

I personally want this topic to stay because I believe it would be helpful to others with this problem as I could not find it anywhere online.

Grab a timings report, it contains information on your full configuration outside of the file, which I believe the only thing of care in there is the generate structures option