Set difficulty on all dimensions

Currently using paper-1.16.5-545. I’m trying to set the difficulty of all dimensions to normal. Changing the difficulty in doesn’t do anything. I tried using command difficulty normal but it says “The difficulty is not changed, it is already set to normal”. In my settings, sometimes it shows Easy, sometimes Normal.

When I go afk in my blaze XP farm , my health stops at 5 hearts when my hunger reaches zero, which happens in Easy difficulty. Zombies deal 1.5 hearts of damage in the Overworld which what happens in Normal difficulty.

So I’m guessing that the Overworld is at Normal, whereas Nether & possibly the End is at Easy. Bottom line is, how do I set the difficulty to Normal on all dimensions?

The world settings in are only used for initial world creation - later all settings are kept in level.dat for every world.

All gamerules, difficulties etc are per-world settings (kept in the same files). To change gamerule in one world, you can go to it and run the gamerule/difficulty command there. It’s also possible to change gamerule in another world and from console, with the use of execute command. For example /execute in the_end run difficulty normal.

using /execute in the_end run difficulty normal seems to have done the trick. Magma cubes (medium) are dealing 2 hearts of damage as expected.