Server using 80% of it's ram when nobody is connected



My server is using a lot of RAM, but for me that doesn’t make sense since nobody is connected to. (I installed paper Yesterday, maybe it’s actually part of the optimisation, but that look Strange)

Anybody would know where it comes from?


What’s your -Xms value?


What is the -xms? Is it related to java?


I checked out and my xms and xmx are equals to 6G. In fact I just copy and pasted it from a tutorial without going further. Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll check what it’s related to!


You’re probably referring to, setting Xmx and Xms to the same value is basically an aim to ensure that the ram you’re saying it can use it used, if you can’t dedicate that much ram to the server you shouldn’t be allocating that much to it