Server lag pls help!

server 6 core 2.93 GHz 12 ram

Hello there!

Not very good at reading timings. Can someone help me please?

someone help :cry:

I am a noob to this but from what I can see SimplePortals is taking up almost 4% of your tick, maybe try removing that see if it helps?

I tried it and it was the same

Not a solution but maybe try applying some of these settings to see if that makes a difference

I would esspecially turn down
that makes a big difference on my server

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So looking at your timings, the lowest it drops is around 18tps, typically 18 isn’t that noticeable to most players, but that depends on what all they are doing. From what I can tell from the timings, it seems your cpu core clock speed might be contributing to the lag you see. Of course optimizing with the suggested papermc configuration as mentioned above can help. But 2.9ghz has its limitations once you get past 5-6 players online at once, just handling the movements of all mobs, flowing water, all that.