Server Lag, can't figure out the issue

Here is my timings:

It’s not client side lag, my FPS is fine and the game is not choppy. Whenever I go to hit a mob or break a block, it seems to take a few seconds to register. It says my TPS is 20.0, so I can’t figure out the issue. Also, a major issue is that new chunks seem to take forever to load in.

Remove clearlagg and check the assassin plugin you have aswell both of these could be it.

Next to that you can optimize your yml files to make sure your server runs even better.

It also could be a internet connection, is it a self host? or is your own connection horrible?

So I removed the plugins and i had already optimized the yml files but that didn’t do it. Since my TPS is high, I think it’s because i’m self-hosting the server through my own computer. I have allocated enough RAM, but instead of port forwarding to let my friends join I am using ngrok to allow TCP forwarding. My internet connection is fine, so could it be ngrok is the problem?

I just tried starting up the server, and instead of using ngrok and allowing it to open up to other people, I joined through localhost. I am still experiencing the same lag, especially slow loading chunks.

I think the problem is just then that its your hardware, its too slow to catch up. Which would explain the things you are having trouble with.

If its just for friends get a cheap 5$ server or ask your friends to host it perhaps that have better hardware. Or you could try realms.

I just used the worldborder plugin and set it to like 3500 radius, and then let it fill in a little bit. When the chunks are loaded its much better, but it takes ages to load in a full radius, even as small as 3500. If I want to play survival, it’s not really optimal to use this so idk, I might just get a cheap server host.

Ah well atleast good to hear its atleast playable. But yeah would just get a cheap host by then or even realms lol

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clearlagg is not a useful plugin.

go into the properties of your server (bukkit.yml/spigot.yml/paper.yml), and then half the time items linger on the ground, set arrow and trident despawn rate down… and bam, no need for a plugin wasting resources to do exactly what already exists in the server settings. i’d much rather play on a server where items have half the time before despawning than one where the items RANDOMLY vanish after 2 seconds occassionally, plus using any plugin honestly adds more room for error than not using one, so whenever there is default settings to change first, try to explore those. this is nothing more than a personal opinion, there are some uses for it, anyway best of luck!

be careful to google and check reviews of any host you buy, many of them are trash.

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hey Apex Hosting seems to be good. It’s a lot pricier than most providers at $5/GB but you get what you pay for (source: Apex Hosting Review)