Server have huge lag spike when player join

Hello, so I have noted on my 1.14.4 server that the server lags when players join the server. I have also preloaded the world and don’t see any spikes in entities which may be causing the lag. The tps constantly remains at a high 19, even though the lag spike is going on, while the latency of the server increases severely.
Here is a link to my timings

Is it a home hosted server? Do you have enough upstream?

When this was happening on my server which is home hosted at a friend’s house who has 10Mbps~ upload I went into the and set:

This compresses more packets so it takes less bandwidth, but it will use some more CPU. This stopped the long chunk loading/long wait for messages/long teleports on the server and it feels great now.

Hello, I am hosting this on Google compute engine with 4 vcpu and 4gb ram