Server crashing after using /wb fill command


I have a problem with my server crashing, when using the wb fill command.
After running the command for some time it generates some chunks but it just crashes and then I have to restart everything.
I have installed worldborder to pre-generate the chunks as I will be using dymap
later on. I have installed 8GB of RAM but that still doesn’t fix it!
I need a response asap!

The console log is attached here (crash at the end)

Seems to have overloaded your device. I’d suggest looking into Chunky to do pregeneration instead.

Alright, I will look into that, thanks.

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Also try not to have dynmap installed while you are pre-generating, as this adds a lot of unneeded stress to your server (dynmap will try to render tiles while chunks are being generated). I recommend leaving dynmap off of the server until you’re fully done, and then add it back and use the fullrender command for best results.

Will do! Thanks!