Serious problems with TPS

I have 8vcore 8gb RAM

I’m having serious problems with the TPS, sometimes it goes down to 12 with about 18 people, but it can also be at 20 with 25 people, I have everything configured according to the guides but I still can’t keep it stable.

I don’t know what to do next. I hope someone can help me.


Two things I notice that seem odd:

  • The server is spending a disproportionate amount of time ticking zombies, but not other entities. Typically when entities are lagging the server, each type is using roughly the same amount of the tick time. I wonder if there is a mob farm or something similar?
  • The single G1 old gen garbage collection which happened was ridiculously long (11 seconds), however, that only happened once so I’m not sure it’s enough of a concern to worry about at the moment.

I had a plugin that adds dungeon roguelike type, in total I had generated 511 in the whole world, only the VIP had permission to be able to spawner on the map, but the thing is that many bought the vip for that reason, so there was a ridiculous amount of active farms, marked and hidden, in the end I decided to wipe the map, and remove that plugin.