Self placed spawners not working

i have the last version running Paper 1.16.5-777 and al placed spawners do not work, does anyone know how to fix this?

What does not work, does no mobs spawn, or only pigs, can player not place them. More info is needed to help you

Mobs do not spawn, even build multiple different cubes to light out and check if it is because of the blocks.

Tried to place it in a random cave but no luck.

I changed the mob type of the spawners with the spawn eggs but it still no spawns even with pigs.

Reset settings files, updated to the latest version of paper and even updated to the latest version of java as recommended for future updates. (So didn’t work before or after.

I still think there is a setting or somthing i have mist or something

Edit: random generated do work and the placed spawners do spin fast and then get slowed down as if they have spawned something.

do you need more info?