RoyalGrenadier, Brigadier for PaperMC

What is Brigadier?

Brigadier is Mojang’s own command executor and parser that’s used for Minecraft. The issue is that it’s not available in Spigot or Paper, so all of the benefits Brigadier has, the main one being the automatic parsing of command arguments, aren’t accessible.

RoyalGrenadier’s aims

The RoyalGrenadier aims to give developers access to Brigadier via a wrapper and provide the opportunity to create fully custom ArugmentTypes, and generally make the process of creating and using commands simpler and easier.


Using the RoyalGrenadier is simple! Download the jar, add it to your plugins, and add it as a dependency to your project.

Make sure to also get Brigadier itself into your project, you can get the repo or jar for it here

For info on how to create a command, check out the GitHub Wiki in the link below


You can find the installation as well as the wiki on The GitHub

All the source code is available on GitHub as well under the MIT license.