[Resolved] Low server TPS despite low hardware usage



Due to the fact that ‘new user’ limitations are so restrictive that they are detrimental to one’s capability of creating a proper support request, I am submitting the original post as a single image. The restrictions in question are shown at the top of the image.

Original post:

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Here are timings from both Spark, and the timings v2 thing:

If there is any other information you need, please let me know. I would appreciate it if I could get to the bottom of this issue, seeing as the server hardware is barely being used.


The Intel Core i5-3570S too slow single thread performance. Need better single thread performance processor for Minecraft server.


Um, yeah no. Have you actually looked at it? Here’s a comparison of the i5 against one of the most commonly used Xeons on “shared hosts” alongside my current desktop cpu:



Timings and spark are pointing towards the same thing, the only real major source of tps loss is from entities, Maybe consider reducing the activation ranges for entities or attempting to reduce entities in the world, e.g. mob limiters for spawners, etc


Thanks for mentioning this again, because it prompted me to have a look at the config files again. When you mentioned it alongside the mob-spawn-range: in the mcmmo discord, I lowered the stuff. However, nothing I lowered seems to have saved, so here’s hoping it works now.

After changing them again and restarting, I’ve now verified that the changes are indeed saved, and I will be monitoring the entities and performance.


Okay, so… just a followup - since correcting the initial mob-spawn-range: again, there’s no more server lag. Been at 19 and 20tps for quite some time with only a few minor dips to 18: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=ed9f72bcf20541ffb20c08acef434090

Thanks again, @electronicboy. I just wish I would have verified that the changes I made had saved, when you told me to do it on saturday: