Remove Adventure API

My point of view of the new Adventure API in the Paper API is just not a good thing, it modifies the way strings has to be used (into components), which is the main thing someone uses when he makes a public plugin. I suggest removing that, because the way it goes is just very confusing and hard to use. I tried to do something with it but I figured out there is no way to do what I want now. I’ll be moving back to normal Spigot. It’s sad because I really liked Paper and it’s stability, but now, using the API is just a lot too hard. (Maybe code with Spigot API still under Paper on the server?). And please don’t come at me saying, “ah get used to it” or “just learn it”. No, it’s just a LOT simpler the way way it was, so I’m moving back again to Spigot if no changes are made…


There are no functionality changes to the “old” way, and all the methods are still there. So I’m not sure what is stopping you from doing everything exactly the way you have been. There shouldn’t be any breaking changes, and if there are, let us know.

But, components is a vastly superior way of dealing with text. Internally, minecraft uses its own component system to send messages already. It provides much nicer support for translatable messages, various events relating to text, and more customization in all areas of the game that accept components.

What are you trying to do? These are the forums after all, and perhaps some assistance can be provided.

We have no plans to remove Adventure support.

You’re free to ask questions either here or on IRC or Discord if you are confused and/or need help.