Random Teleport TPS drop?

Hi everyone,
This may or may not be a stupid question.
I own a Paper 1.16.4 SMP server (in Beta).
I have installed a random teleport plugin on the server, which works as it should.
One of my friends joined the server yesterday (as a player) to test out the RTP system for bugs.
The plugin works as it should, however the server TPS dropped from a solid 20 right down to 15.35, and then proceeded to take a good minute and a half to regain its normal value.
Is there a plugin out there that would be able to asynchronously load these chunks (which I suspect is the issue causing said TPS drop) or even something that makes it drop less than it is as this amount of drop meant that the player was suspended in mid-air with no blocks around him for around thirty seconds.

Any help at all is much appreciated!

Pre generate as much as your world as you can, that way your server will just be loading chunks if someone teleports to them.

Generating chunks is pritty intensive on your server.

Pregen will definitely help load chunks faster and have less of an impact on server performance, but also make sure you get a good random teleport plugin. Many of them do not load chunks async, which can cause a (potentially) several second lag spike each time it is used. There are dozens of plugins out there, but I would personally recommend getting something like EssentialsX, JakesRTP, QuantumWild, or any that do as good a job as those.

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