Random chunks generating outside of world borders

Anyone ever see random chunks generate in your world that are well outside of the border and have never knowingly been loaded by a player? My overworld and end are set to 20K and the nether is set to 2.5K so there isn’t a chance of portal gen from OW to N. Even after deleting the region files that contain those chunks…chunks appear again. I can understand a region file just outside of our border and all but this seems odd. Trying to narrow down what is doing this.

Plugins used: CoreProtect, FixChatColors, & one for preventing a clear command.
Datapacks used: HUD, armor stand, dragon block immunity, universal dyeing, pillager fix, one player sleep, charged heads and some scoreboard/player name enhanced items.

Paper 1.16.4 #277 as of this post.

At the current build # and these chunks are still happening well outside of our world border. Anyone have ideas on what to check for on this?

Do you use an RTP plugin? Its possible they are loading the chunk before checking world border. This looks like an RTP plugin pattern.

The only plugins used are listed above. We’ve added a few since that post though. Those are Wandering Trader, TabTPS, and VanillaTweaks. The others listed above have been on since the server season started in Jan. Also of note, this doesn’t happen like this in other two worlds.

I’ve had the same problem for a good while now and I have to trim my worlds bi-weekly. I’m glad someone else is having this issue. All my plugins are custom coded by me apart from a few including an RTP plugin but DarkEye confirmed it most likely isn’t his RTP plugin.