RAM Problems with 1.14.3

Hello there,

since I updated my server to the latest at that time (using paper #121 ) I am struggling with a heavy impact RAM problem.
My Server keeps “collecting” RAM space until its full and then crashes because out of memory.
And the crashes are the baddest thing, because everytime some players lose their items and some of their latest buildings.

timings report:

i have a 6 gb SSD server

Do you have auto restart at night, as one of the think you should do is restart it every 24 hours our even quicker.

  • I know from a expirience that more plugins you have more ram will be used.

I would also recommend to add more ram if you server can’t handle it, however becouse I see max 20 players you might try to limit the amount of plugins you have.

I also are having some ram issues after updating to 1.14.3(121)… Goes down to around 200MB left… My server neven went this low before updating to 1.14.3. But mine is not crashing… Just lags a bit.

Nothing else is changed.

I also got 6Gb.

There is only one thing to say 1.14.X is a joke ;( with optimization

MyPet cause memory leak. Try without MyPet.

thank you
i have deleted mypet and
i will see.