Questions on Modding

Been using minecraft paper for a few years. I’ve never played MC, but my little ones all want various mods.

I started down this rabbit hole thinking I would just wget some jar file into a directory and maybe a config file to edit, but it’s looking like something completely different.

It’s looking like mods require forge, or some other thing. But maybe not require that. (like it’s a different build of the minecraft jar, without paper’s optimizations etc. Can someone clear that up for me? How would I go say getting mods installed with paper? And any recommendations for mods for young ones.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I currently run this on centos 7.x box using java 1.8.0_282. (java 1.11 produces lots of errors with lines mixed with “DO NOT REPORT THIS TO PAPER”.

Paper does not support mods. You’ll need to install a software such as Forge or Fabric in order to use mods.