PvP no damage player to player

I start my new server for the first time and I have a problem with PVP.
I looked wherever I could, but I can’t cope.
The permission from luckperms is fake, because it’s showing up now after i type it once.
As we see there isn’t even gamerule for pvp…
I only found a false value on Multiverse, but even after setting it to true and restarting the server, we still can’t do any damage. Damage is dealt by everything except players.
This is what I found
1st txt is for Essentials (corrected to true with restart. still unable to pvp)
2nd txt is for GriefPrevention
3rd txt is for Multiverse-Core

A surefire way to know what plugin might be causing this, is to just remove them one by one. I know worldguard has a pvp flag, and there is a boolean in server.properties I believe.