Proxy servers to lower the ping for certain regions?

Currently, I’m hosting a Paper server in Singapore. I have a plan to move my server to Europe since it’s cheaper to host there, but most of my players based in Asia. Is it a good idea to deploy a BungeeCord in Singapore while the main server is located in Europe?

PS: I think this method works because I know someone in my country uses a proxy server to reduce the latency from a certain ISP. The ISP doesn’t have a good routing to the main server. So he runs a proxy server that has a more direct route to that ISP.


For my experience the answer is yes, but sometime is not, because some [VPS, Server Hosting] ISP international bandwidth is very limited. I mean less ping but there is limited international bandwidth. You have to try that by yourself… Good luck

this method doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because the proxy still has to connect to your main server.

Basically the distance isn’t decreased at all.

Instaed of A->C you’re trying A => B => C, so how is that going to help?