Pineapple Pizza Warship Thread


Forget taco, everything pineapple pizza here!

All praise the yellow lemon god.




Can an administrator please delete this thread? My eyes feel like they’re soaked in bleach and lit on fire.


How about I sticky it instead. Pineapple Pizza Master Race, well before I went on keto. Can’t have it now :frowning:




I’m about to leave this forum already I swear to god


throws :pineapple: on your :pizza:


i love Hawaiian pizza so much, best thread


As a straight christian italian male this offends me, this is cultural aggression. :rage:


Hello, I have recieved confirmation that we are under attack. This racist-bigot anti-pineapple loving pizza hater is threatening to close this thread. Prepare your pineapples.



It may threaten my very existence, but I have no objection to the existence of pineapple pizza.


It’s all about the tacos @Hacker


Are we not allowed to have gods next to our magnificent Taco God? I mean … Pineapples are love and good ol’ Taco probably wants us to spread love everywhere … even on pizzas!


This is just the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen during my time on the internet.


Pineapple Pizza Warship, when?


All aboard the Pineapple Pizza Warship, to destroy all lovers of pineapple on pizza.


What else would you expect from dumcourse.


my eyes have been tainted by looking at this thread, help mee


I ended up selling my soul to the Pizza Gods.