PI clusters, paper server, and waterfall usage questions

Hello, new here to papermc, I’m loving the more optimized server and the fact that I’ve been able to run pluin enabled minecraft server on my Raspbery PI 3 when I couldnt before with massive lag issues. I’m aware waterfall is a updated or upgraded bungeecord for papermc, but I have a few questions.

The initial plan for my cluster is to do it like I would with bungeecord, setting each pi to be its own server with their own jars and responsible of their own resources stuck to that particular PI.

I’m planning on bulding a small 4-8 Raspbery PI 4 (4gb ram editons) cluster and am wondering if waterfall added distributed resource usages to the servers to help distribute the load of heavier servers onto other servers? Say Pi’s 3 and 4 are at full cpu usage because the plugins hammer the servers but pi 5 has lets say 50% cpu available(2cores/threads) can waterfall be used to distribute the loads from pi’s 3 and 4 to pi 5.

What exactly is improved in waterfall over bungeecord?

Is there a documentation and setup guid for waterfall? (its been a while since ive setup bungeecord and would love to get caught up.)

Is there a particular place I may go to suggest waterfall features once I use it and find something is lacking and would want to request it as a feature?

Welcome to the community

Waterfall is a fork of bungeecord with various API, performance improvements and extra features. It wouldn’t be able to distribute resource usage in the way I think you’re thinking, it’s basically just a proxy, each of the individual servers are still their own 100% contained server and have no idea of the other servers (unless you add plugins that do, etc), the idea is that players can just jump between servers, but that does mean that your survival server doesn’t need to worry about dealing with players in the hub, etc

as for where to discuss waterfall, that would generally be on the discord (https://discord.gg/papermc) or on IRC, #waterfall on the irc.spi.gt network