Hello all

i want to use the permissions.yml file to disable command for user or groups, but after restart (!) not reload this file was read without any effects.
i try different version of content.

command: false
- admin
default: false
permission.*: true

and yes i use 4 spaces no tab!
what must i write, that this file is correct for the server?
i don’t want to use an plugin for this!



permissions.yml, the craftbukkit one, does not understand the concept of groups whatsoever, if you want proper groups, you need a permission plugin; if you wanna override other plugins permissions by defining your own, etc, that’s the file to use, but using it in place of a permission plugin is not viable as craftbukkit does not have the concept of permission groups, only “op’d or unop’d”


thanks !!
now i understand, this file is like the plugin.yml permission part.

ok now i set the permissions in my plugin and i work.
but where i remove one permission the player can see the command in the tablist.
how can i reload the list for him? with player.recalculatePermissions() nothing change in the list?



big thanks !!!

it works