Permissions of /paper Command

is there a list of the permissions used by the /paper command?
I want to give my staff members permission for /paper fixlight

I did some digging for ya :wink:
Found it here: bukkit.command.paper

Yeah, that permission gives access to all /paper/ subcommands as well. There is no permission specific to fix light. There is an issue open for it, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to add one.

Well, it would be nice if “bukkit.command.paper” would be the permission for the whole command, and “bukkit.command.paper.fixlight” for example would be the permission for /paper fixlight

Like I said, I don’t think its a good idea. Its not supposed to be a fix players just use for any lighting issues they have and adding a permission would certainly result in servers letting all players use that command.

Yes, but that’s their fault then. I just want to give it to my Staff since the command fixes it for every player and not just the command sender.

Uhh, question:
I’m new to these forums here, why can’t I create any topic (I want to create one in waterfall)? The button is just gray and not clickable.

You have to post in a subsection, not in the waterfall category itself

as for a perm for fixlight, we can’t, not without jamming perms on literally every other paper command, which is not something we’re really inclined on doing

Just to mention… this feature was added here