Paperspigot 1.12.2 crashing my server when placing fire or using thor

Hello, I have a server hosted by

I use Paperspigot 1.12.2 (now Spigot due to crashes)… Whenever I place fire by flint and steel, or use /thor/smite (Essentials), it crashes my server.

Why does this occur?
Crash link:

After changing from Paper to Spigot, it fixed, so is it from Paper?

I don’t know why you post such things here. You accepted to refuse to get support by downloading such old piece of software. Just use Spigot if that works or fix the bug yourself in Paper.

I just wanted to fix my problem dude, I still do and still want to use Paper again, but if that crashes my server, well, I dunno what to do.

Update your server to 1.16.5 then we’re talking, we don’t support outdated versions of minecraft; it’s just bad practice.